Looking for A Community of Guidance and Support
We have heard it over and over again, Military Spouse life can be isolating right? 
Do you need help starting, launching or growing your business?
Entrepreneurship is also pretty darn lonely. Add those two together (military life + entrepreneurship), and what do you have? A big black hole of I don't know what to do…..
Well guess what, we’ve been there too. We are both seasoned active duty military spouses AND serial entrepreneurs (hear that? SERIAL-that means we came back for more). 

So, if anyone understands you and your life, IT’S US!

No more feeling stuck and isolated. Because guess what? WE GOT YOUR BACK!
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amse Freemium Membership!

An Exclusive FREE Community for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs to 
Start + Scale + Sustain your business!  

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AMSE is the membership community for the MilSpouse Entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level.  Military Spouses who want connect on a deeper level. 

Military Spouses are always investing in their military members education and career, their families, volunteering and always think of themselves last! MAKE this the year you INVEST IN YOU!!

I'm so pumped you're here and READY TO ENROLL! 
amse is officially open! 
Grab your seat! We will see you inside!

This is where the magic happens y’all! The private slack channel is where you can come to collaborate and connect! Ask your questions, find other spouses and share. Have that roadblock? ASK! Lean on your fellow community for support in a safe environment. 

Ohh….the vault. THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF! Everything from programs and tools to help run your business, to discounted local and national events and conferences. We found some of our favorites and put them all in one trusted spot JUST FOR YOU! Oh yeah, and maybe added some discounts exclusively for you too ;)

AMSE Society members will have early access to view upcoming events!  AMSE members will also have the privilege of being able to apply early! This is great for events with limited capacity, once its filled! 

Not only will you have access to information, but we will give you actual tools you can print and work through for your business! This should help you see where the gaps are and what areas you should be focusing on.

A customized program walking the military spouse through their entrepreneurial journey step by step.
Built by military spouse entrepreneurs, for military spouse entrepreneurs.

This is the good stuff! No more scouring Google for the things you need to help your business. Because we have sourced and vetted the best resources RIGHT HERE! Everything from programs and education to tools and support, we found our favorites and put them all in one trusted spot JUST FOR YOU! 

AMSE Community Chapters are free in-person, member- led events for milspouse entrepreneurs. Attend quarterly meetings or workshops, with expert-let presentation, and in-person networking

Who doesn't love mail? Receive some AMSE Swag as a way to welcome you to the AMSE family! 

What are you waiting for? 
AMSE is perfect for the military spouses who want to start, scale, and sustain their business.

Milspouses who will not allow a PCS, deployment or PCS stop them from building the career of your dreams.

AMSE is bringing together

Want even more AMSE Member benefits? Our Premium Membership offers access to Masterclass and co-working spaces from Hubspot, Google and LinkedIn, as well as monthly group coaching
calls with experts!”

Get Results just like
Coaching and Support  you receive through the association are amazing! 
- Meg Reichart 
I am so glad I  found AMSE! I love it so much. I share and tell everyone about it! 
- Sara Copp 
what could you make happen if you had 
to this level of support and help?

a lot, right!!
Your time is NOW! You have nothing to lose! 

Who Are We?

For a long time, we felt like our spouses's careers mattered more than ours. We knew that they were doing an important job by serving their country but it felt like at the expense of our dreams and aspirations. 
The Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE™) is founded by Moni Jefferson and Flossie Hall in the summer of 2019. Flossie and Moni connected through the power of social networking and their love for military spouse advocacy. Through their nationwide efforts, Flossie and Moni aim to elevate military spouse entrepreneurs to new heights.
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